lynda louise hartley. designer and avid fan of polaroids, abandoned buildings, hand-lettering and the smell of fresh laundry. here are the collections of my makings .


I created the portrait of Milton Glaser using Illustrator, then pasted him in my moleskine. He is coupled with a quote of his regarding Graphic Design.

sept 2012

figure study of my buddy while we were stuck inside during a ‘hurricane’

Some spreads from a book I type setted. I illustrated a page for each story, 8 stories. When i’m done actually hand binding it I’ll upload some pictures. The book is about 5 x 4.5 inches.

the only girl i’ve every loved was born with roses in her eyes.
((holland 1945, neutral milk hotel))

handlettering translated into an illustration.
~march 2013

my vertical and horizontal covers to my interactive chemistry textbook. Digital publication made for the iPad.

~Feb 2013

some more hand lettering translated into illustrations.
~April 2013

a little drop cap Im working on for my little red riding hood story.
~April 2013

A couple spreads from an in-progress book, Little Red Riding Hood from 1697. When i finish typesetting and illustrating I will bind it. The finished book is roughly 4x5in.

~april 2013

a sneak peek on some hand lettering i’m illustrating.

classic wing sketch
plane to mexico

control panel
letchworth village

chairs of letchworth village


a mix of my obsession with abandoned builds & of chairs

identity composite


composite in the woods


went to Kings Park Psych Center this week. can’t wait to edit and upload some cool pictures.

Top: window of doctor’s quarters
Bottom: me climbing my way inside an office building